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Available stock Mac mini ( Refurbished - Used )

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Refurbished Mac mini

The Mac mini is the Mac for you if you're looking for an affordable desktop from Apple. Despite its small size, the Mac mini is fully complete: it has many different ports, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Mac mini can easily be connected to a computer monitor, but due to its compact size, versatility and low power consumption, it is also often used as a server.

So are you looking for a cheap and complete desktop from Apple? Then the Mac mini is the best choice for you.

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Mac mini models

The Mac mini is available with or without a DVD drive. Be aware of this when making the correct choice. Once you have found the right Mac mini, don't wait too long: they are quite scarce and can quickly sell out.�

Refurbished Mac mini

Purchasing a new Apple Mac mini is a major investment. However, there is a good alternative: buying a refurbished Mac mini!

A refurbished Mac mini is a used Mac mini that has been professionally serviced. This means that the Mac mini is fully tested, cleaned and (if necessary) fitted with new components so that it is once again in excellent technical condition. However, a refurbished Mac is a lot cheaper than a new Apple: the saving can be several hundred Euros.

All refurbished Mac minis sold by iUsed Store were originally owned by companies. In business, hardware is always replaced after a few years with new models. Many items in our range were also previously leased. One benefit is that companies only choose the very best equipment, as they require the highest possible degree of certainty. That's why you'll only find top-quality products at iUsed Store.

Why buy a refurbished Mac mini from

Just as when buying any used product, purchasing a used Mac mini has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are that minor damage is sometimes visible, that the original packaging is often missing, and that the range on offer is more limited. However, by choosing iUsed Store, you can benefit from a competitive price and many additional advantages.

All Mac mini models shown in the webshop are available immediately. They are refurbished, have a clean OS X installation and free OpenOffice or LibreOffice, and are approved by our own technical service. This means that we can guarantee that orders placed before 15:00 will be sent the same working day. Basic shipping is free, and because iUsed Store uses PostNL PakjeGemak, you can choose when to receive your order yourself.

What's more, all refurbished Mac minis from iUsed Store come with a 24-month warranty as standard. Uniquely, iUsed Store offers an extra discount if you choose a reduced warranty of 12 months. In addition, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee with free return shipping for every Mac mini purchased.

Your refurbished Mac mini will be supplied with a power cable, but without a keyboard and mouse.