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Unfortunately there is currently no Apple Accessories ( Refurbished - Used ) in stock.

Behind the scenes we are very busy to pick new fresh Apple(s) and prepare them for sale. Of course we only want the best Apple(s) and that is why we are now busy with purchasing, testing and cleaning our products. Because there is a minimal supply of models that meet our quality standards, it may be that there are temporarily no models available.

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Refurbished Apple Accessories

A commonly-used Apple accessory is the Display. The Apple Display can be used as a computer monitor for the Mac Pro or Mac Mini, and also to extend the screen of the MacBook. The Display has a similar sleek design to the iMac and is easy to connect to your Mac, giving you the ultimate Apple experience.

So are you looking for a beautiful computer monitor for your Mac or would you like to easily expand your MacBook? Then the Apple Display is the best choice for you!

Apple Display models

There are two types of Displays from Apple: the Cinema Display and the Thunderbolt Display. The Apple Cinema Display is a series of computer monitors with a variety of screen sizes, including 20 inch, 23 inch and 30 inch. The latest model in this series is the LED Cinema Display, which has a screen size of 27 inch. In 2011, this was replaced by the Thunderbolt Display, which has the same design and screen size. The difference between the two can be found in the connection: the LED Cinema Display uses a Mini DisplayPort and USB, while the Thunderbolt Display has a single Thunderbolt connection for data transfer between the computer and display. Once you have found the right Apple Display, don't wait too long: they are quite scarce and can sell out quickly.�

Refurbished Displays

In 2011, the LED Cinema Display was replaced by the Thunderbolt Display, which has not been sold new since 2016. This means that Apple Displays are only available used. However, there is a good alternative: buying a refurbished Display!

A refurbished Display is a used Display that has been professionally serviced. This means that the Display is fully tested, cleaned and (if necessary) fitted with new components so that it is once again in excellent technical condition.

All refurbished Displays sold by iUsed Store were originally owned by companies. In business, hardware is always replaced after a few years with new models. Many items in our range were also previously leased. One benefit is that companies only choose the very best equipment, as they require the highest possible degree of certainty. That's why you'll only find top-quality products at iUsed Store.

Why buy a refurbished Apple Display from

Just as when buying any used product, purchasing a used Apple Display has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are that minor damage is sometimes visible, that the original packaging is often missing, and that the range on offer is more limited. However, by choosing iUsed Store, you can benefit from a competitive price and many additional advantages.

All Display models shown in the webshop are available immediately. They are refurbished and approved by our own technical service. This means that we can guarantee that orders placed before 15:00 will be sent the same working day. Basic shipping is free, and because iUsed Store uses PostNL PakjeGemak, you can choose when to receive your order yourself.

What's more, all refurbished Apple Displays from iUsed Store come with a 2-year warranty as standard. Uniquely, iUsed Store offers an extra discount if you choose a reduced warranty of 1 year. In addition, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee with free return shipping for every Display purchased.

The refurbished LED Cinema Display 27 inch and Thunderbolt Display 27 inch are supplied with a power cable. The Apple Cinema Display 20 inch, 23 inch and 30 inch are supplied with a power cable and adapter.