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Buying guide - Which Mac should I choose?

Are you looking for a refurbished Mac, but don't know which to buy? Are you unsure whether to buy a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini? Then you can use f the iUsed buying guide.

All refurbished Macs at iUsed Store are divided up on the basis of three basic usage situations: basic office and home use, office and home use extra and professional use.

1) Which Mac is suitable for basic office and home use?

Basic office and home activities include using the Internet, e-mailing, word processing, playing videos and listening to music. If you only wish to use your Mac for these activities, then lower technical specifications are sufficient.

2) Which Mac is suitable for office and home use extra?

Extended office and home activities are simple types of photo and video editing, and playing simple games. If, in addition to basic office and home activities, you also wish to use programs such as iMovie and Photoshop and/or games such as Minecraft*, then we recommend that you choose a more powerful Mac.

3) Which Mac is suitable for professional use?

Professional use consists primarily of advanced photo and video editing and gaming. If you wish to use your Mac with software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and Adobe Illustrator and/or graphics-intensive games such as Battlefield*, then you need a Mac with high specifications.

* These programs are not supplied with the refurbished Macs