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Refurbished Macs from

What is refurbished?

iUsed Store gives Apple products a second life by refurbishing all used equipment. Refurbishing is professional reconditioning of previously used equipment. At iUsed, all equipment is tested, thoroughly cleaned and fitted with new components so that it is once again technically, optically and hygienically in excellent condition. This means that all refurbished Macs from iUsed Store have a working life of three to five years, depending on the type of product.

Via the webshop, iUsed Store sells the following Apple products:

Refurbished MacBook
Refurbished MacBookPro
Refurbished MacBookAir
Refurbished iPhone
Refurbished iPad
Refurbished iMac
Refurbished Mac Pro

Refurbished Mac Mini

Used or refurbished?

Often, the term used is employed. However, this doesn't entirely cover the products offered by All used Apple products that arrive at iUsed are professionally reconditioned before they are made available in the webshop. The refurbishment of this equipment includes:

  • Certified data removal.
  • Apple-certified technical inspection.
  • Upgrading of the hardware, if necessary.
  • Thorough cleaning (inside and outside).
  • Removal of external distinguishing marks.

However, the price of all refurbished Macs is comparable to used Apple products. What's more, iUsed Store offers a 24-month warranty as standard on all Apple computers. This means you can purchase a refurbished Mac from for the same price as a used Mac, but with the quality of a new computer.

Where do the computers we sell come from?

All refurbished Macs sold by iUsed Store were originally owned by companies. In business, hardware is often replaced early, for various reasons. This may be because a company has merged with another, because it has gone out of business or simply because the company has purchased new hardware. An additional benefit is that companies only choose the very best equipment, as they require the highest possible degree of certainty. That's why you'll only find top-quality products at iUsed.