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Condition of our used Apple products

What does the star rating of the products mean?

We clearly indicate the condition of every product.


Used, as good as new

  • Only minor signs of use
  • 100% in order technically
  • 24-month warranty

Minor visible cosmetic wear

  • Shallow scratches and/or a minor dent in the casing
  • 100% in order technically
  • 24-month warranty

Clearly visible cosmetic wear

  • Deeper scratches and/or dent(s) in the casing
  • 100% in order technically
  • 24-month guarantee

These condition levels only refer to the signs of use and cosmetic damage of the products. iUsed does not sell used Macs with technical malfunctions or defects, unless this is explicitly indicated. These defects are clearly reflected in the price.

What does the additional condition information for the product mean, if present?

Minor mark on screen A small mark or discolouration is visible on the screen, but otherwise the device functions normally.
Casing engraved A non-removable marking has been placed on the casing.
New in box The product is new and is in a sealed box.
New (open box)

The product is new but comes in unsealed packaging.

Manufacturer Refurbished The product has a new casing, but may contain used components. It has been refurbished by the manufacturer.